I am a writer most interested in what I see as a fundamental human need for connection with nature. “Nature” here might be as large as a vast wilderness or as small as an urban pocket park. Either way, or anywhere in between, there’s something about it that induces calm and clarity in what is too often a frenetic and confusing world. Just as I’m fascinated by what connecting with nature does for us, I’m also interested in what happens when we’re deprived of that connection. What do we lose in ourselves when we don’t have the chance or take the time to sit in a meadow, walk in the woods, swim in a lake or ocean, or hike a mountain trail?

For me, the mountains call most insistently of all. This pull can induce some distress living in Southeast Michigan, a place not known for its topography, but I figure that it just puts the onus on me to travel when I can to find some altitude. Growing up in California, I fell in love with the high country through a series of trips to the Sierras and have enjoyed hiking in various ranges, including the Cascades, Rockies, Whites, and Blue Ridge. Even the relatively modest Santa Monicas near my hometown of Los Angeles offer challenging hikes, solitude, and beautiful vistas, and during high school I hiked there as often as I could. Each range is unique, some relatively young and craggy, others more ancient and rounded. I find them all gorgeous and rejuvenating.

I’m the father of two high schoolers, and as a former child and family psychologist and current child welfare lawyer, not to mention husband of a practicing psychologist, I think a lot about parenting. Maybe too much for my own good, really, but it’s another source of inspiration for my writing. My interests in nature, parenting, and kids frequently converge, as is evident in my blog, The Hopping Mind, and work¬†I’ve published¬†elsewhere.

In addition to writing, I enjoy editing and most recently served as copy editor of a legal journal. If you want to contact me about editing or anything else, please mosey over to the Contact page and drop me a note. Or if you just want to see what I’ve been up to lately, click over to the News page.

Thanks for looking in! I’m happy you’re here.